Friday, January 14, 2005

Angry Speech for mannequins

Hoping to evangelise and convert more people to the glorious religion of cruciverbalism,I am putting up a simple crossword (along with explanations of the clues so that next time you see a crossword,you hopefully wont be so baffled/stumped/mystified/puzzled by the clues)

The title incidentally, reads cross words for dummies

This explanation is only for beginners/novices/learners/apprentices/amateurs so others can kindly go back and read/peruse/browse other blog entries.

When you see the answers,they might seem tough if taken one by one, but if you have entered some words the other words automatically fall in place like magic and hey presto before you know it the majority of the crossword is filled.I would recommend starting on The Hindu crossword ,much simpler and lots of easy clues to solve.

1.Two supporters hold dishonourable man for a spell(11)

7.Friend backs a round(3)

9.Metaphorically dead creatures(5)

10.Driver,say,is a horse dresser?(9)

11.Editor returns in average revolutionary and wandered leisurely(9)

12.Leave colour positoned at the end and dance(5)

13.All mixed up,neo sold dish(7)

18.Reportedly ,nail father in capital(7)

21.Sister that is the cause for boredom(5)

22.Reportedly most important law(10)

24.Attractive bowlers aking earnestly((9)

25.A vine,tangled up, is very simple(5)

26.What arrives after wood distillation here(3)

27. Transfers to another place(11)

1.Body part needs to be sorted out from horrible sign(7)

2.Light emitter or cooling device?(8)

3.Enclosed accountants with editor(5)

4.Ditches without help at Sahara or Kalahari(7)

5.Blends love for gentlemen's preference in movie(7)

6.Success of sportsman caused by physically powerful member?(9)

7.Falsehood ruler says to display inclination(6)

8.Forgives mafia leaders after hit back(7)

14.Car built in the north using oil(10)

15.Taken a child and notice choice(8)

16.To carve,excitedly,and in a exagerrated manner(7)

17.A student salesman in charge of copy(7)

18.Begs ride endlessly across connectors(7)

19.Dense record dances and extends further(7)

20. Parsnip errs on finding shooter(6)

23.Let criminal swin on waterway(5)

don’t got through the answers till you have tried each clue atleast twice.


Two supporters hold dishonourable man for a spell(11)

Supporter is usually bra (for obvious reasons!),dishonourable man is cad,hold indicates they have cad in between so it is


Friend backs a round(3)

Round can be lap. Backs/returns/rejects indicates you have to return the word so


Metaphorically dead creatures(5)

This is direct.


Driver,say,is a horse dresser?(9)

Say/reportedly indicates it sounds like

Driver is schumacher.


Editor returns in average revolutionary and wandered leisurely(9)

Editor/newspaperman is ed.revolutionary is red/che.average is indicates the word is present in,


Leave colour positoned at the end and dance(5)

Colour is a type of colour and leave is go


All mixed up,neo sold dish(7)

Mixed up/tangled up/excited indicates jumbles.These are te easiest types of clues and have to be cracked earliest.The anagram is usually easy to spot as it has some word/name which makes no sense whatsoever to the rest of the clue.

Neo + sold =NOODLES

Reportedly ,nail father in capital(7)

Father can be dad/pa

So bag + dad=BAGHDAD

Sister that is the cause for boredom(5)

This is usually a common clue as it helps cruciverbalists out of a tight spot.

Sister is nun + ie (that is) so


Reportedly most important law(10)

Most important principal sounds PRINCIPLE(law)

Attractive bowlers asking earnestly(9)

This kind of clue is sometimes the best(most funny) as it cleverly utilises second and lesser known meanings of words in a clever way


A vine,tangled up, is very simple(5)

NAIVE (straightforward anagram)

What arrives after wood distillation here(3)

Here /found in/indicates the word is found here what arrives and tar is end product of wood distillation


Transfers to another place(5)

Stupid kind of word meaning



Body part needs to be sorted out from horrible sign(7)

Horrible =bad


Body part =ABDOMEN(sorted out)

Light emitter or cooling device?(8)

RADIATOR(clue using alternate meanings of words)

Enclosed accountants with editor(5)

Accountants=cas + ed


Ditches without help at Sahara or Kalahari(7)

DESERTS(fairly obvious)

Blends love for gentlemen's preference in movie(7)

Love/not is o .o + blends =BLONDES(gentelmen prefer blondes is a famous movie)

Success of sportsman caused by physically powerful member?(9)

Member =leg/arm/limb .here arm + strong=ARMSTRONG

Falsehood ruler says to display inclination(6)

Ruler is king.falsehood say is


Forgives mafia leaders after hit back(7)


Mafia leaders=dons


Car built in the north using oil(10)

Another little tip would help here.point is n/s/e/w .quarter is ne/se/sw/nw.north is n and so on

So car + built + n=LUBRICANT

Taken a child and notice choice(8)

Notice is normally ad




To carve,excitedly,and in a exagerrated manner(7)



A student salesman in charge of copy(7)


Salesman=rep(as in representative)




Begs ride endlessly in excitement across connectors(7)

Endlessly means take off the last letter

So begs + rid


Dense record dances and extends further(7)

Record can be EP/LP (As in audio storage medium) so dense + ep


Parsnip errs on finding shooter(6)

Clues can’t t easier than this.parsnip has no relation(brother/dad/mum!) to the rest of the sentence.finding indicating the word is located here so


Let criminal swin on waterway(5)

Criminal is usually al so


The crossword as such might be slightly sad as I finished it quickly using a compiler(People might think I used a gcc compiler on a linux kernel after telnetting on a remote LAN using a …. Oh,drat ,can’t think of any more technical terms to namedrop)a crossword compiler(amazing piece of software)Clues are very direct to make it simpler


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Notes from a small island

“Yours tickets,sir!”The IA hostess said handing me back my tickets,glaring grumpily at me and rudely gesturing towards my seats.As Dennis Bergkamp and I would be close contenders for any airlines frequent flier program,this was the first time I was experiencing IA’s unique version of hospitality.For Gods sake,the hostesses atleast have to be taught to smile and perform basic courtesies.If I’m paying a sum that would ,say, give me 10 years supply of playboy,I expect to be treated extremely well.(The fact that somebody else was sponsoring for my jamboree to Singapore is besides the point).

We(my friend nandan and I) stayed at a hotel called Golden Landmark(that also put on someones tab!).It was decent and what put it high in my esteem was the fact that it had a tub.Just a normal small tub but tub all the same.Also it took getting used to the fact that they drank the water straight off the taps.Hard to imagine doing it here in Chennai.

We decided to go to the zoo and went by the MRT(their metro).The fully automated system to purchase the ticket,electronic trains,automatic doors,you know it was just mindboggling.And just to when you tire of making a demographic profile of your carriage and decide that the Chinese looking guy sittting two seats away was,well,Chinese,they vary the monotony by making the train go above ground where you can get a full aerial view of Singapore with its enormous highrises seemingly a frisbee throwing distance away.

The buildings are wonderful,in various sizes(L,XL and XXL), rising perpendicularly out of the ground;a celebration of glass and cement,in all colours from dull brown to a bright blue,virtually utilising all the 256K colours available in MSPaint;in crazy shapes varying from the short and the squat to ones that invites Newton’s followers to question the blasphemy regarding nonconformance to the first commandment(Thou shalt obey the laws of gravity).And to ensure there is more than just a sea of asphalt,oasises of green have been tastefully set amidst the skyscrapers.

<> However,I digress.We got off the train and then took the bus to the zoo(Their bus also involves an obscene amount of technology that however does save human labour )The zoo is superbly planned,in a natural setting with the animals not caged but roaming about in short expanse of land,a small moat separating them from inquisitive spectators.What is so astounding is that hordes of tourists descend on the zoo and the bird park,knowing virtually nothing of animals ,and on seeing a Greater Red crested Magpie(found only in the Congo region feeding on crickets,tennises and baseball bats and nearly extinct –actually it doesn’t exist ,there might be such a subspecies but most of the names were something like this so I am fairly sure that a bird like this does exist ) and say “Look!Birdie !Sooooooo sweeeeeet!” They see the same type of animal (for example ,there were gazelle,impala,sambar,blackbuck,nilgai,springbok,reebok,
someotherbokwhosenameiforgot,all in addition to the humble deer of course) and still go around and for the zoo to draw huge crowds to see all this is praiseworthy to say the least.The night safari was crowd pulling and deservedly so; it involved well trained animals,crowd interaction and some super tricks.

<> Returned the same way but went to Orchard Road(probably Asia’s swankest road with huge malls,hotels,windowshoppers,and the usual hanger ons)which was brightly illuminated for the Christmas season.Amazing place to walk around but no place to eat anything vegetarian!.I had to make do with a McBurger without the meat ,an apple and juice.

<> Next day,the tourist guy (since I’ve not mentioned it earlier, we had a won a quiz for which the prize was a trip and stay in Singapore) had arranged for tour of the city.Each tourist destination has been well looked after , marketed superbly , lots of signboards ,with commentary wherever possible,and every place of any remote interest to a camera toting tourist clearly indicated(I’m sure if you hunted long enough, you would find a butt of the first cigarette Sir Stamford Raffles ever smoked on the island,carefully preserved in airconditioned splendour in a museum ,with a $10 entry fee and commentary in all the 72345 dialects spoken on earth).

We then got on the cable car to Sentosa. New panoramas are opened as you travel on this jawdropping ride perilously carried on a slender spidersthread thickness rope.You repent for all the sins that you may have committed in your previous life just to thank God that you could get such an superb view .Some distance away are those skyscrapers,pretty hard to miss;in another corner,a toys playground style shipyard and freight region with enormous cranes manipulating even bigger containers;green forests on one small side and the steel gray waters of the ocean right below you.The underwater world in Sentosa is a must see where you look at schools and even colleges of fishes separated by a mere sheet of glass.Also,I found what should be another major tourist attraction here;an entirely vegetarian restaurant serving all kinds of Chinese dishes.I had to ask her more questions than Siddartha Basu has ever asked before I was convinced I was seeing the Eighth wonder of the world.First and only chinese meal(noodles!) I had in the Garden City.

<> Next day,we went to Jurong bird Park,where I saw one of my favorite birds,the penguin at close quarters.Amazing animals to look at,clumsy and gauche on land,but swimming with great ease and elegance.Could spend hours staring at their whimsical movements(Penguins daily schedule –go to the water ,swim with extraordinary grace there,waddle about on land,eat,loop back to step one ) but still fun to watch.Walking through the enclosures,designed to look like a forest and doing its succeeding very well,seeing birds at close quarters(close one eighths would be closer to the point as some were really close)flying about merrily in a riot of colours, and hearing the chirping of the birds in the humid jungle like atmosphere was a great experience.

<> The people there are pretty friendly and were very helpful with directions and other questions I plagued them with like why there was a button on the traffic signal (to speed up the green light!);on where to get vegetarian food(this I had to ask a lot of people and most of them were stumped for an answer ;for best results hunt up a tam looking guy,lots of them, and ask him)

Did a lot of other things but getting pained on writing for so long ,so “So long!”

PS-funny sign at the airport -in addition to the usual list of things not to do,no spitting no chewing gum,no durian there was a no studying!